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Jubilant FoodWorks (Internship)

Project Overview
Brainstorm & Ideation
User Research
Proposed Solutions

Darpan Bajaj

Sr. UX Design Manager at Jubilant Foodworks

During Maheema's internship , I got the opportunity to guide her navigate through the internship brief which was around "understanding, how humans do decision making when ordering food from QSRs"
Even though the brief was vague and had the capacity of taking a designer down the rabbit hole, Maheema managed the whole process so graciously. From talking to users, brainstorming with the team, going through feedback loops & creating the final solution, everything was done with a great effort and an open mind. She is a critical thinker, well organised & process oriented and as observed she makes a great team player. The brainstorming session was facilitated so well, it really motivated people to come up with great ideas and that became possible because of the proper laid out insights from the user study and of course the way she handled the team discussion. I am very confident that wherever she goes next, she will give her usual best!
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